Guide on Patents Covering Google Maps

A Google patent granted this week describes some areas of Google Maps that people could see in the foreseeable future. It tells us about how precisely it tracks a person’s location history, and may potentially offer services based after those location histories. The days of India ran a tale this week, telling people about the main one Google Maps feature every user should be using. Google Maps already offers similar warnings for things like accidents, construction, road closures, and even more via user submissions in the Waze mapping app it acquired along with a few other sources. But having data compiled directly from the vehicles may likely let it have significantly more accurate or more up to now data for much larger areas in comparison to user submitted data. The patent describes by using a range of sensors in the automobile, in addition to potentially adding other sensors to a vehicle’s shocks and elsewhere, and transmitting the data by way of a mobile network. Google would in exchange use the data for Google Maps to improve driving directions and potentially warn users of dangerous road conditions. It’s also data that could undoubtedly come in helpful for Google’s self-driving car project.

That feature is labelling your home as well as your workplace in Google Maps. The patent describes how Google Maps might make an effort to find out those locations alone, based after analyzing user’s location histories. The Mapping system could propose a route between your home and work destination points after it includes discovered those locations. The patent highlights various other possible advantages from understanding the routes a driver often takes. Included in these are specific things like:

Carpool matching – Helping people who have similar routes to hook up and carpool together

Location-Based Reminders – people could set these themselves, such as “fall off dry-cleaning” or “grab milk”

Tips for businesses – these may be interesting or beneficial to the user

Special events may trigger alerts – just like a sale being held at a location that the driver often visits


The excess services the patent highlights aren’t currently available, nevertheless they could maintain the future. We ought to expect more folks using cellular devices that se’s provides services based after smartphones and providing navigation. To attain advantages from these future changes, Google Maps could require having Google learn about your business. Google recently updated the info that they showcase that discusses ranking well in Google Maps results, and this may potentially help your business arrive for advice based after the positioning of your business. To get more information about patents covering google maps

We’ve caused clients to help them rank better in Google Maps results, of course, if customers visit your business personally, it could be worth taking the time to be sure your business appears in Google Maps. If Google starts suggesting businesses for folks to visit, it could lead to clients being directed to your business.

Google in addition has developed a means for businesses showing off events in Google serp’s using rich snippets, and there’s a opportunity that the events described in this patent could be the sort of thing such schema markup will help to alert users of Google Maps about. We won’t know for several until Google start’s promoting this more, but it’s worth taking a look at the info that Google has published on Enabling Rich Snippets for Events. Focusing on how to possess such rich snippets arrive browsing results for your business should you hold events in your business, could make those events more lucrative.